How Can I Focus on Video Calls?

How Can I Focus on Video Calls?

We’ve all seen the rise of video-call faux-pas. From kids walking into camera-view covered in cake frosting to people taking their laptops into the bathroom without thinking they’re being watched, video conferencing sure has been entertaining, but more often it’s simply frustrating.

Let’s be honest, no one likes sitting through a video call meeting longer than they have to. For starters, it’s kind of awkward having a camera directed at us constantly, so many folks feel unnatural doing it. Whatever the reason, most of us want to get it over with quickly, so engaging in habits that drag out the meeting any longer than necessary should be avoided. Being unprepared, not limiting distractions, and unmindful about being on camera all lead to inefficient - and sometimes embarrassing - work outcomes.

Having a routine for video calls is a smart approach. This provides peace of mind that things will go smoothly and you won’t be the one frustrating your co-workers (or making them laugh for nightmarish reasons). Here are some tips for more effective video calls:

●    Pre-checking the camera and lighting by testing with the video app before the call

●    A quiet environment, with the microphone muted until it’s time to speak

●    All files, documents, etc. opened up in the background beforehand

●    A notes document opened up, along with any questions you need answers to 

●    Using high-quality headphones with background noise minimization technology

●    Having everything plugged-in and positioned before the meeting

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