About Us

At FlexVerk, we see how remote work is blurring the lines between personal and work life for more and more people, causing many to feel like they can never decompress from work stress. We’ve also felt that pressure ourselves, which is why we founded FlexVerk on a simple principle - make it easier to work less and live more.

We know what it’s like to set up and break down a mobile office multiple times a day. We believe whether you’re at home, a coworking space, or the local coffee shop - your mobile office should be easily accessible and simple to use so you can focus on what matters most.

We help you better leverage your time by developing products that make the transition from work to personal life seamless and efficient rather than inconsistent and stressful.

At FlexVerk, our mission is to foster a better work-life balance for all, which is why we provide our team with flexible schedules and a four-day workweek. We believe well-balanced team members do the best job of delivering on our passion - helping you live more fully by getting more done in less time.