How Can I Focus While Remote Working?

How Can I Focus While Remote Working?

Without the structure of an office away from home, work can feel chaotic, confusing, and inefficient. It can feel hard to know where to start, especially when working asynchronously. What should we work on first? The hardest thing, the easiest, or the one our boss will be most upset about not having done? To help make the most of our time, it’s helpful to know what gets us into an efficient work rhythm.

When it comes down to it, doing the work is what gets us into the flow, not the other way around. It’s when we become totally engrossed in our work that we feel it comes the easiest. Hence, understanding what type of work gets us into a flow state most naturally is key. For some, this may be creative work, for others it might be repetitive tasks. Whatever it is for you, that’s usually the best place to start. So, begin with tasks that get you into a positive work rhythm.

Once you know how to get yourself into an efficient work mode, staying in it is crucial. Think about what tasks help keep your momentum going. Choosing complimentary tasks can help with this. If you’re doing prospecting phone calls, following up with video chats is a good idea since you’ll already be set up with the right tools and in a quiet place. Try to do what is the least disruptive to your state of flow. 

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