Where Can I Find a Remote Work Location?

Where Can I Find a Remote Work Location?

Be it noisy neighbors, slow internet, or the need to physically separate home and work for our own sanity, working from home just isn’t an option for some of us. On top of that, there is the added struggle of many locations limiting capacity or only offering outdoor seating. So when our regular office is closed, we’re often left to find unconventional spaces to set up shop. Coffee shops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, breweries, or even park picnic tables can serve as impromptu offices. In these scenarios, how can we ensure less hassle and more productivity?  

An excellent strategy is building a collection of work spots. This provides more certainty that today’s spot will meet key criteria for getting work done, for example:

 ●    Plentiful power sources 

●    Fast, reliable internet access for video calls

●    Quiet enclaves for conference calls

●    Seats and tables with comfortable ergonomics 

●    Seating that doesn’t have sun glaring in your eyes or laptop screen

●    Consistently comfortable temperatures

 Creating this collection can be time-consuming, especially when traveling. Thankfully, there are some great resources for finding quality spots quickly:

 ●    https://workfrom.co/ - the most remote-work oriented option, this app/website includes internet speeds reports, number of available power outlets, seating options, noise levels, and more.

●    https://www.yelp.com/ - if you can’t find a spot on Workfrom, Yelp is a great alternative for finding free wi-fi, hours, pictures of interiors, and reviews that provide clues about the vibe for working.

●    https://www.facebook.com/groups/feed/ - if you’re seeking the local’s favorite spots, city-specific Facebook Groups can be a great resource. Just ask where good places to get work done are with your main criteria - you’ll often get tons of replies from helpful locals!

 Beyond these resources, having a mobile office kit can keep things running smoothly wherever you work. Laptop sleeves for safe transport, cord-organizers to prevent a tangled mess, and laptop stands for correcting our ergonomics are all examples. We’re working to innovate products that help make your mobile office work better for you. See our latest releases for remote working.

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