• Baby RN

    The laptop stand works well enough, but it would be better if the hooks on the end to keep the laptop from slipping off were larger. They are a little small, and do not hold the laptop in place that well, even though my laptop is slim. It will be practical for traveling, if the belief is that one would use it while traveling.

  • Cat

    It’s also stable, portable & inexpensive. What more could you want? I love that this laptop stand brings my 16” MacBook screen and camera to eye level, which was my main goal. My neck and wrists actually feel better since I began using it. The fact that it has an open structure that prevents heat buildup is a bonus. This stand really helps my MacBook to run cooler. Highly recommended.

  • Amazon Customer

    This laptop stand is very easy to work with and use! I set it up in a matter of seconds and got my laptop on it immediately! It stands very nicely and my laptop sits very easily on the stand and I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a stand to buy!

  • B.Stadler

    This is just what we needed. Whether we are traveling or just going to school or library, this portable laptop stand is lightweight silicone and easy to pack without taking up a lot of room. The stand elevates the laptop to provide a better viewing angle that is not so steep that it makes typing uncomfortable, while also allowing the clearance needed to vent properly, reducing the amount of time the internal fan needs to run to keep our laptops from overheating, which can seem loud when in very quiet environment, like a library.

  • Gabrielle M.

    For someone who is WFH this is a game changer. Helped me a lot

  • Maria

    I bought this for the color, but now I love it for the adjustable width. It works for both my work and personal laptops, as well as my iPad! I also like that it doesn’t take up space when I need to store it somewhere. Highly recommend.

  • Janelle

    I use this in my office as pictured and it’s makes having an ergonomically correct laptop set up easy and very cheap. Would recommend to anyone using a MacBook Air as I am.

  • Edward G.

    This folds together to slim profile for my bag and works so well to allow ventilation for my laptop. I have had many friends ask about it because it is so clever and helpful.

  • NL

    Can't say much more than they do just what you want- allow your laptop to get suitable cooling air circulation. Cool idea as they collapse to stay out of the way when not needed.

  • Chanda N.

    My laptop was getting hot on the desk, this keeps it from overheating

  • Summer P.

    I was a little worried about the stability when I first bought it, but it holds my MacBook perfect! I’m a student and am basically glued to my computer. I’m so happy I have this stand so my laptop won’t overheat in 0.5 seconds. 10/10

  • Fabian G.

    I must admit I didn't have a lot of expectations for this but it certainly didn't disappoint. I'm very impressed with this little stand. It sits front and center of my two displays and it elevates it enough to not get in the way and help keep my laptop cool.

  • TXGUY123

    Space saving & great value. I used to use one of the bulky stand and it took up a lot of my backpack’s space. This device is great for traveling and the only thing I hope it can do is to be able to adjust the height.

  • Halie

    This is an awesome gadget!! It props it up the perfect amount that makes it comfortable for my hands! Definitely worth the buy! 10/10 recommend

  • Brandon

    Easy to use, sleek, and extremely lightweight yet sturdy. If you're looking to elevate your laptop and your workflow, this is the one for you.

  • LaDonna V.

    Super fast shipping, great quality.

  • Danielle V.

    This is exactly as advertised. perfect for my laptop.

  • Scott C.

    I needed to tip the laptop up a little to see the keys better, I use this a day in my office.

  • Howard S.

    The stand is lightweight, simple to use and exactly as pictured. The case is as good as any of that I have ever used that were more expensive. I am very pleased with my purchase!!

  • Paul T.

    Works well. Well made

  • Fredric G.

    Simple design, quality construction.

  • Monroe B.

    I live in Colorado Springs, so shipping was literally next day. Product ships from Denver. Product quality is outstanding. I’ve already put this to use. Love it

  • Dorothy S.

    Received my order fast and they work perfectly…

  • Timothy W.

    Perfect for lap tops, I like the fact not having the computer sitting flat on the table. Well worth the money.

  • Eddie C.

    It's functional,stylish and ready for purpose.

  • Jerry L.

    A simple product, but yet very effective in its functionality.

  • Jose B.

    Beautiful 💯 %

  • Russell P.

    This is the perfect riser for my laptop and it packs up easily

  • Perla R.

    Everything fits neatly into the pouches

  • Georgette S.

    Great product!!! It’s easy to pop in your bag and helps when you are working remotely. Design is sleek and compact!

  • John H.

    The FleksVerk Laptop Stand was just as advertized and it came very quickly. It’s handy to carry in my backpack along with my laptop. I like the plastic tips on all four corners so I don’t get scraped by the metal.

  • Weldon G.

    Helps with some good elevation of the laptop and at same time light weight & compact.

  • Oliver T.

    Simple idea for any tablet. Works as shown and a great value.

  • Darlene P.

    Sometimes, _my laptop feels hot on the top, so I thought this product would help circulate the air underneath it. I also like that it elevates my laptop and tilts it towards you it making typing on a laptop that much easier!

  • Verdell B.

    Arrived. In good time from date if purchase. Customer service is responsive and followed thru on color change I requested after I placed my order. Thank you!!❤️. This stand is slim and super light weight making it so ease to add to my laptop bag. The function is great & easy, and the size is perfect for my 2 different sized laptops. Love the no -skid bumpers so the stand stays put rather than sliding around.

  • Paul B.

    It’s great, order it!